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Creating sustainable marketing solutions


Did you know that sea otters are a keystone species (crucial to bring balance) to the ecosystem? They’re a prime example of focusing on what matters most and they're efficient in the way they hunt. Known to be loyal collaborators they rest in kelp forests along the Pacific coast - literally holding hands (aka ”rafting”) – so they can stay and work together. ​

These are all qualities that keep us grounded in the work that we do. This is why we are named, Elutris, derived from Enhydra lutris, the latin name for the sea otter.​

Elutris is a company that came from a place of knowing the importance of focusing on the foundations and to make sure results are delivered to last. We partner to examine business problems, measure what will grow the bottom line, and are pragmatic in our approach. ​

At Elutris, we’ll ask questions relentlessly, align on where we are, where we need to go, why we need to go there, then how we get there. We’ll help evaluate the entire marketing ecosystem finding harmony between product/service, brand and activation; ensuring short term gains and long- term scalability. ​

Most importantly, why wouldn't we name ourselves after the sea otters? They're just fu***g adorable.​

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